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p u r c h a s e

Only original works are available for purchase. NO NFTs are available; inquiries for NFTs will not receive a reply. 

To purchase works on canvas or paper displayed on this site, please complete the contact form with name, address, email (phone optional) and the title of the piece(s) of interest.


  • Once your contact information is received, you will receive an email reply with an attached invoice listing price and estimated pack/shipping cost and tax (if applicable). 

  • Upon receipt of the email above, the piece of interest will be placed on a, 48-hour courtesy hold; no other potential buyers will have access to the piece of interest during this hold period. If payment is not received or you decide to not move forward with the purchase after the 48hr window has ended--the piece of interest will then become available to other potential buyers. 

  • Preferred payment method is Zelle. Venmo, PayPal and credit card are accepted with a additional processing fee as indicated (typically an additional 3%). Full payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

  • After payment is processed, your piece will be delivered to the courier (UPS, FedEx, or USPS) within 1-2 days. You will receive an email with your PAID IN FULL invoice and courier tracking information.

  • Shipping is available in the U.S. via FEDEx, UPS and USPS. For international inquires, please note that price of shipping and any import tax or custom fees (paid by the buyer)---can be quite expensive---sometimes equal to or greater than the price of the piece itself. 

All sales are final; NO EXCHANGES or REFUNDS. 

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